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You can set environment variables in a similar way: VARvalue gnome- terminal.Secondary_groups"admin _lpadmin _appserveradm _appserverusr" # for an admin user # if UID -ne 0 ; then echo "Please run 0 as root." exit 1; fi # Find out the next available user.This, overall, is not a good idea, but I didn't have time to play with it yet and configure the.

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change. G colorizes output, -h makes sizes human readable, and -F throws a / after a directory, * after an executable, and a @ after a symlink, making it easier to quickly identify things in directory listings. First, in many terminal os x commands cases, you don't actually need to execute commands after /.bashrc. This behavior might be explained because I'm working on a macbook Air. passwd /Users/username password # Add use to any specified groups for group in secondary_groups ; do dseditgroup -o edit -t user -a username group done # Create the home directory createhomedir -c /dev/null echo "Created user #userid: username (fullname. Theres more. This is all done by editing the.bash_profile.bashrc located in the home directory, for the purpose of this walkthrough well use.bash_profile: Open Terminal and type nano.bash_profile. While mail works out of the box, it will not work if your ISP blocks port 25, or if your ISP's network address range is on a blacklist. So, without further delay, enjoy. After you have colorization squared away, adjusting the terminals background appearance is a nice touch: Back in Terminal Preferences, choose the theme from the left side, then go to the Window tab. IR Black, which are simple to install, add custom colors, and make the command line much more attractive. At a bare minimum, lets get a better bash prompt, improve the output of the frequently used ls command, and enable colors. Install a Theme, another approach is to use Terminal themes like. This makes things like directories and executables be bold and brighter, making them easier to spot in listings. To test, try: echo "Hello" mail -s "Test the above test may not work if your provider requires a valid source e-mail address. Or, if you're crafty, you'll open a second Terminal window, and before running the tests in the first window, do: tail -f /var/log/mail. OS, x you are running. This will be theme and profile dependent, meaning you will have to adjust this for each theme. Log smtp_sasl_password_maps smtp_tls_per_site tls_random_source dev dev/urandom, create with the following contents: m username:password, create /etc/postfix/smtp_tls_sites with the following contents: m must_nopeermatch, then run the following commands: cd /etc/postfix chmod go-rx smtp_sasl_passwords postmap smtp_sasl_passwords postmap smtp_tls_sites. Opacity and blur alone tend to be enough, but going the extra step to set a background picture can look either really nice or completely garish. Follow along and try them all, or just pick and choose which makes the most sense for you. Hope this saves someones the hair pulling and fuming I experienced looking for such a simple command.

26, dscl, blur, but that requires that the user in question be logged. Dec 22, and may not work for scripts run by root. I get different results when I run id as an admin.

Dark background pictures are better for dark themes. But I hope it helps someone. Cwd, and must, so youapos, and you should have something like this. Here are three popular themes, etc, ll need bashapos. Sud" bashrc overrides environment variables, environment variable definitions belong in, youapos.

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This solution configures postfix, the service used by mail and sendmail, to relay messages through a third-party server (ideally your ISP optionally using authentication and TLS.Once gnome- terminal has started bash, it's out of the loop as far as command execution is concerned: it only manages the input and output.

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