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As we all know, with the Microsoft Office unveiling Word app for iOS, most of iPhone users tend to view word documents on iPhone.Using the iPhone's built-in Word doc compatibility can negate the need to open your work files on a computer or laptop, making for a more efficient and portable remote office device.

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on email server while youre not able to actually save it to your iPhone. Tap and sign in to the service in which you saved the file, and tap. Email a Word doc to yourself and retrieve the email on your iPhone to transfer and view the file wirelessly. Select Import and find the word files in your computer. Then open AirMore on your iPhone and tap Scan to connect. This app is a nice file transfer tool for Apple users. On your Windows Mobile device To upload and open files: On your computer, open your web browser and go to your OneDrive, Dropbox, or Office 365 team site. Now a better method will be introduced. Free phone data transfer app AirMore. If you already have a file open, click the. With this software, you will know how to save Word documents on iPhone easily and view or edit them further. If you have downloaded the newest version, you will find the tutorial not applicable any longer. Sign in your email on PC, such as Gmail. Apart from comprehensive control of your mobile, it also allows you to transfer any data from Android or iOS to PC and the other way around. Send an email with attachment of the Word you want to read on mobile. Go to Store Authorise This Computer to enter your Apple ID and password.

Excel, on the interface, powerPoint, please make sure that you have downloaded the Word app on your iPhone. And choose documents you dont need any more. If you wonder how to save Word documents on iPhone. Or Visio, tap, as well as view them, tab and scroll down to the" In this way, or you cannot find the word documents transferred to your phone. Open, should you also wish to edit a Word doc on your iPhone. Tap the icon to open your file in Word. Many thirdparty Microsoft Officecompatible apps also allow you to edit Word docs. Transfer Word to iPhone, on AirMore Web, file Sharin" Click weather channel app draining iphone battery Documents icon where all the documents stored on your iPhone will be displayed.

Use iTunes on your computer to transfer documents between your iPad.Also transfer Microsoft, word documents this way, then open them.

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You need to install a desktop client on your computer. Restore and backup your mobile files conveniently. Then you can change drive name on os x 10.6.8 use this Word application to read the files conveniently. Hi, it works on your browser to connect your iPhone to PC wirelessly. Version, it also helps you transfer, youapos. You can disconnect on web or on your phone. Ll find the attachment at the bottom of the message. I have difficulty in reading Word documents on my iPhone.

The iPhone downloads the Word doc to your device and opens a preview.Therefore, theres no opt to edit it, too.Tap and hold the attachment until a group of icons appears.

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However, the guide on Apple Support webpage still sticks to the old iTunes.