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If you always have the question like " how do I delete apps from my phone this article will serve as a complete guide to help you easily and quickly delete apps on both Android and iPhone.Android is an excellent operating system that itself offers a nice home screen, scroll, menu, and everything.

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corner of the icon to make the app disappear. These can slow down the device quite considerably resulting in a sluggish device that is only a former shadow of itself in terms of performance. The app allows you to change background themes that looks nice. You can even browse iPhone in Windows Explorer. The app comes up with simple options that you can easily manage. I truly liked the app when in installed it on my HTC Desire. You can check out our review of iPhone 4S Screen app for Android. Remember that Fake iPhone app works on Android version.2 and. We have also reviewed, fake iPhone 4S app for Android. Apps which we will discuss include iPhone 4S Screen, Fake iPhone 4S, Fake iPhone, and more. Fake iPhone Look: Fake iPhone Look is a free Android app that enables iPhone look on Android. So, how to delete the apps from simulator? The app even allows you to scroll the main menu same like remove app from background iphone simulator iPhone which acts as an add-on to make Android look like iPhone.

The app works same as Fake iPhone app as discussed above. IPhone 4S Screen, this Android iPhone simulator app is quit a really a funny app to freak out your friends that you got a new iPhone. Just follow these simple steps, follow these steps, and then click Reset in the warning dialog that appears. How to Uninstall iOS Apps on the Simulator and Reset Your Device. To reset the Simulator to the original factory settings which also removes all the apps youve installed choose iOS SimulatorReset Content and Settings. Drag the view of the app up and out of the horizontal scrolling list of apps. To uninstall an app, iPhone 4S Screen is a free iPhone simulator to give iPhone look to Android. Web Design Development iOS, on the Home screen, you will find all the app icons converted into iPhone look which you can launch by tapping on any of the one. Place the pointer over the icon of the app you want to uninstall and hold down the mouse button until all the app icons start to wiggle. Simulate doubletapping the Home buttons with the keyboard equivalent ShiftCommandH twice.

As title, when I tried to delete apps from the simulator, I found its not that easy as I used in a real iPhone.If you pressed the app icon that you want to delete on simulator, it just show a flash and nothing happened.You can remove an application from the background the same way youd do on the iPad, except that you use your mouse instead of your finger.

Editor Ratings, install any one of them and give iPhone look to top software for mac os x your Android 2 and, you could just delete your apps by pressing. You cannot drag down the status bar of your Android phone. Like Fake iPhone app and Fake iPhone Look app. ICloud on the Simulator is a new feature in iOS. An app killed by the system while in the background is terminated with no warning no app delegate methods are called. The sad part of fake iPhone Look app as compared photoshop cs5 system requirements os x to Fake iPhone app as discussed above is that. The does not allows you to set the background of your choice. Total, if this describes your device, thanks for your watching and all your comments will be appreciated. You can use Settings just as you do on an iOS device. The status bar of the Android also looks same as of iPhone.

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Now it looks great when you see your Android phone converted into full-screen iPhone mode.