Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers Software

Release Notes for 9,3 Maintenance Releases

The pkg_version(1) utility now supports an -o flag to show the origin recorded on package generation instead of the package name, and an -O flag to list packages whose registered origin is origin only.A bug which prevents the bfe(4) driver from working on a system with over 1GB RAM has been fixed.

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stack is compiled into the kernel since they each keep different statistics. D Scripts The bluetooth script has been added. The firmware(9) subsystem has been added. The csh(1) utility now supports NLS catalog. The rr232x(4) driver, which supports HighPoint's Rocketraid 232x series of raid controllers, has been added. The timezone database has been updated from the tzdata2005l release to the tzdata2005r release. New nf variables, ldconfig_local_dirs and ldconfig_local32_dirs have been added. The path MTU discovery for multicast packets in the FreeBSD ip6(4) stack has been disabled by default because notifying path MTU by a lot of routers in multicast can be a kind of distributed Denial-of-Service attack to a router. Defaults kernel configuration files for each platform have been added. Two instances in which portions of kernel memory could be disclosed mail to users have been fixed. They may also list changes to major ports/packages or release engineering practices. The gvinum(8) utility now supports commands to rename objects and to move a subdisk from one drive to another. If the argument has a valid lock class, this displays various information about the lock and calls a new function pointer in lock_class (lc_ddb_show) to dump class-specific information about the lock as well (such as the owner of a mutex or xlock'ed sx lock).

Look for any keyboard, and group, when creating symbolic links. For example, gaijin and War Thunder are trademarks andor registered trademarks of should Gaijin Entertainment or its licensors 6 Release Engineering and Integration The varaudit directory and audit group download have been added 2, the devd8 utility now supports a f option to specify a configuration file. And then, ipv4addrsed0 24 52" the getfacl1 utility now supports a q flag to suppress the perfile header comment listing the file name. These are for the TrustedBSD OpenBSM distribution. All other logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Which will be imported in the future releases. Maintenance Releases section on Citrix eDocs.

Modem is recognized as valid manufacture id: 0x00001199 product id: 0x000068A3.Sierra, wireless Mini Card MC8705 hspar7 modem.MAC, address Filter Access List.

The cwd command in pkgplist now allows no directory argument 2, several vulnerabilities in the cpio1 utility have been corrected. Disconnectonfailure to control whether failed components will be disconnected or not. Which is the same as the p flag except that the given prefix screen is also used recursively for the dependency packages if any. For more details see security advisory Freebsdsa06. The hcsecd and sdpd scripts have been added for hcsecd8 and sdpd8 daemons. The snapinfo8 utility, the kbdmux4 driver has been integrated into syscons4 and the kbd device driver.

The snd_via8233(4) driver is now mpsafe.Switching to kbdmux(4) can be done at boot time by loading the kbdmux kernel module via loader(8), or at runtime via kldload(8) and releasing the active keyboard.

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The ipfw(4) now supports substitution of the action argument with the value obtained from table lookup, which allows some optimization of rulesets.