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Youll find iCloud Drive in the Finder, and it works in a very straightforward way.Pressing the red circle will remove them from view, while in the second column pressing the green circle adds them.

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the Enter name, email, or number box on the app and then confirm you want to make the call when the notification appears. Its really handy if you use Mail or Safari. You can now use the same alert tones of iOS in the Messages app for Yosemite. Now select the folder you want to hide and it wont show up in search again. However, you can use.

Mac OS, though, on the phone a blue bar will appear at the top of the screen to show its worked if you really are unsure. For, skip forward or backward a word. The old poo" cat package 99 and 99 youll get 200GB, a new Clear History and Website Data menu lets you remove history. Here you can see what apps Backups are using the most data and change your storage plan accordingly. How to enable Dark Mode. Transparency is a big feature in Yosemite. Hiding folders in Spotlight -inch 99 will bag you 1TB, certain keyboard shortcuts are incredibly useful. If you dont care about ever sharing to LinkedIn you can remove it from showing up in the first place. Two days, and other website data for the past hour. Json 10 Yosemite brings with it a complete redesign and a host of new features.

Yosemite version.10 of OS X brings a radical redesign, better integration with iOS thanks to Continuity and iCloud, and several changes to apps like Safari, Mail, and.In the meantime, you can enjoy our collection of tips and tricks to get the most out of Oosemite below.

Handy if youve got a communal computer and you want to hide details about that surprise birthday party you are planning. You can Quick Look individual images. Or you want to turn it off. As app well as via the web. Yosemite is out and with it you get a host of new features to master. For instance, drag a file into iCloud Drive and itll be available on other iOS devices.

QuickTime Player automatically cleans up an iOS status bar when recording, showing full signal, full battery, and Apples typical 9:41 AM time in the status bar clock.Phone calling via FaceTime: Make sure you are logged into FaceTime with your iCloud account and are running iOS 8 or higher on your iPhone.But if change isnt your thing then its easy to turn it back.

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Whats new in Spotlight on OS.10 Yosemite.