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Though Apple has largely resolved the wi-fi issues that persisted in some Macs with prior OS X releases, some users with Ol Capitan may encounter wireless networking issues after updating to the latest OS X release.Though Android users have enjoyed this facility for long, iOS devices are now equipped with WhatsApp web feature.

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is a multi-step process but not particularly difficult. Typically the wi-fi problems are in the form of dropping connections or strangely slow speeds, and the good news is theyre usually an easy fix. Let us know in the comments, or if you had another solution, let us know that too! Quit any open apps that are using mac wi-fi or networking (Chrome, Safari, Mail, etc). Now launch m on your computer browser. Next to Network Name join the wi-fi network and authenticate with the router password as usual. We have already dealt with a useful info on how to setup and use WhatsApp Web with iPhone using WhatsApp web enabler. Scan the code with your iPhone camera. Typically the fastest servers are Google DNS and OpenDNS, but results may vary per region.

You can read much more about resetting and flushing DNS cache in Oosemite here if youre interested. Click the plus button to add a new DNS server I os x yosemite refresh dns use and for Google DNS but you can choose whatever you want 7 and Oountain Lion 10, then typing flushdns would prevent having to use the full command string in the future. Verify the version of OS X youre running and use the appropriate commands for the latest version. One helpful trick if you find yourself flushing the DNS frequently is to setup an alias for that command string in your.

Mar 21, 2008 Whether youre a systems administrator or a web developer, or anything in between, chances are youll have to flush your.DNS cache every once in a while to get things straightened out server-side, or even just for testing certain configurations.DNS cache in Mac,.

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Flush DNS Cache iphone spy app ios 10 in Mac. Rere is how to iphone app download youtube music flush the DNS cache. Ping, dscacheutil flushcache, try the statistics flag instead for some stats.

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