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This action will re-evaluate your messages, and apply the rule that you created.Click the Plus sign under Perform the following actions to add a new drop-down menu.View answer in context.

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immediately move all inbox mail browned as trash into the trash mailbox so you should maybe check you trach mailbox every other day and see if anything you wanted to recieve is in there before you empty. Skip to main content. When I tryed to set up, the letters are gray and I was not able to select the opelation to put the junk mail into the junk file. At other times, simply having your inbox stuffed can result in odd handling of messages, or just be a clutter you might not wish to deal with. Answer: A: Answer: A: Not certain, but this can fix myriad Mail problems. If you are going to move the messages, be sure you have created an appropriate destination mailbox (call it Old Mail or something similar). When you are busy running your own business, you dont want to waste your precious time manually separating spam from the legitimate email you want to read on your Mac. Mac wizard, please tell me how for to delete all the junk mail at once! Thank you Mac wizard! I could not check my e-mail for a week and now I have nearly 600 junk mail on my mail box. A dialog box appears, with a list of drop-down menus for the junk mail filtering rules you designated, such as Sender is not in my Address Book and Message is Junk Mail. When you're going through your inbox, to archive a message, simply delete. First, decide how you wish to handle old mail (such as that older than a month). App that aren't Gmail accounts, you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise if you try to archive mail from one of those accounts' inboxes by deleting. Click the new drop-down menu, and then click Delete Message. Many people who rely on web mail clients like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo never delete any email at all, and since it is stored on a remote server they dont worry about any potential space the thousands of accrued emails can take. This is really only necessary for particular situations with particular types of emails and Mail usage; perhaps you used the Mail app for a junkmail account and you dont want the junk mail taking up space on the Mac hard drive any more, but you. This is irreversible, do not delete all emails unless you want them to be permanently removed from the Mac Mail app (and possibly from anywhere, depending on your backup and mail server Open the Mail app in Mac OS X if you havent done. So the message will show up in your Gmail account's Spam folder, and it will be automatically deleted when it gets to be thirty days old (the age at which Gmail automatically deletes Spam messages). In the listing of your GMail account's folders within your Mail. If you want to delete the messages 'marked as junk' in your inbox, try this: In View/Columns, make sure 'flags' is selected. Now go back to the Edit menu and choose Delete this deletes every single selected email from Mail app in Mac OS X, and since we just chose Select All that means this sends all emails into the Trash of Mail app. With that caveat in mind, here's how I handle GMail in Mail. While deleting messages from within an email client is an elementary task, there are several nuances and approaches in Mail that might be helpful, or at least slightly change the behavior of how Mail handles your messages when you use for the delete function. References (2 resources (1 photo Credits, justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images. View answer in context, hello, with the Jink Mail box selevted, click on one then choose Select All or CMDa, then Right click or Controlclick choose DElete. After a few days, when you are satisfied that the Mail application is properly classifying unwanted mail as junk, you can enable your Mac to delete spam for you automatically. For Junk, check, store junk messages on the server, and set auto-delete to never. This is also simple, but not initially obvious: Flag the message as junk mail.

Os x mail delete all messages in junk

Outside of some specific reasons to delete every email from a Mac. And you could end up removing emails that you wanted to keep. Thus, but it wonapos, if you get a lot of email every day. Tag, delete, iphone s sure easy to remember and quick to perform.

How to, delete, aLL, email in, mail.I am too busy to delete the junk mail one.Okay, so I know this is a tricky issue as 's seemingly lacks the ability to automatically or archive old, even though it has the necessary date-based rules to.

Click Sender of message is messenger app keeps crashing iphone in my Address Book and Sender of message is in my Previous Recipients check boxes to force Apple Mail to not mark messages from people you know as junk. In this instance, d written to allow him to archive messages from four different Gmail accounts. If you regularly run your rules on your mail messages in this way. Now download mac os 10.6 7 im able to select click message mark AS junk mail on the incoming when i want.

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This will group all the messages marked as junk together, because they all have the 'junk' flag.