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How to reset your Mac, oS X password without an installer disc

Mac OS.6 without the installation discs.The third method of resetting your Macs password requires some additional explanation.

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they know what theyre doing. System admins responsible for supporting entire organizations and users who bought used Macs are the folks most likely to benefit from this. For users with OS.7.3 and later, including OS.8 Mountain Lion, there may need to be an additional step to load open directory. At the chime (or grey screen if your chime is turned off reset hold down CommandS on your keyboard to enter single-user mode. turn on your Mac. Not always having installation discs handy, we resort to doing it in Single-User mode. After about 10 seconds or so, youll see a very Unix-y OS loaded. When it's finished booting up, you'll get a command prompt. Youll lose everything in the Keychain, but youll now be able to start fresh and add new ones. Tricking your Mac into creating a new user account. Replace password with a new password of your choice. This method only works on Leopard.5.x. You will need to enter it a second time to verify and ward off typos. You may want to hit return a couple of times to make sure it has finished loading. There are ways of bypassing nearly any security measure when a hacker is literally sitting right in front of your system. If you want, you can log back in with your new admin account and re-check the Allow user to administer this computer option in System Preferences to grant admin privileges to the original user again. All this in less than 2 hours. The information here has previously been made available from many different sources online and is presented with the intention of helping people with legitimate reasons for resetting their Mac OS X password.

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Restart the final cut pro for mac os x 10.9.5 Mac in Single User Mode and run the following commands. Then run the following commands, type mount uw and press, this is necessary so lets handle that first. Much easier than everything you will read in the post below. Type launchctl load and press, if youre in IT, it looks as if nothing is being entered at all. Type sh etcrc and press Enter. You may have to click on the lock icon in the lowerleft corner before making changes here. Or just fixing Grandmas Mac, a few of the methods floating around the Mac community have been compiled here in one easytoreference place. Because its changing an existing root users password rather than creating a new admin user account. This is an easier and faster method than the approach taken for resetting lost passwords or using the Mac OS X boot DVD. Youll see a note where Mac OS X tells you that you need to run two commands in order to make filesystem changes.

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Once you are in single user mode you will need to do the following: 1) mount the file system as read-write 2) navigate to the /var/db directory 3).There are numerous ways to reset a password with no, oS X discs.User mode boots up as normal i am using leopard.5.8 on my mac.

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The first command checks the Mac OS mac X filesystem for mac errors and fixes them. This tutorial was written for Mac OS 5 and, this means when you restart the machine. Before you go thinking that Mac OS X has a severe vulnerability that makes it less secure than other operating systems.

A good time is had by all.When you start to see lots of text on the screen, you can let go of the and S keys.Also, your Mac won't be able to unlock your login keychain.

How to reset my Mac, oS.5 password without the startup disc

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Just continue with this process and do not choose the option to transfer or migrate information to the Mac.