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View 4 Replies View Related Mar 15, 2012 I have a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro with (upgraded) 8Gb ram and the original Toshiba 320GB, 5400rpm, 8mb,.5" sata Hard drive, running Lion (upgraded through App store from Snow Leopard).I do not want to format it because i have some important files and programs on my External Hard drive, But I also want to use it for Time Machine Backup.

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mac up from cd, ran through setup fine until I got to the 'select a drive to install to' - the point where my hard drive should be visible. I am holding down the "C" key at startup but it isn't reading the drive. View 13 Replies View Related Jan 3, 2009 I installed a new hard drive into my wife's older iBook G4 since the HD that came with the machine was only 30GB and was max'ed out shortly after we added some applications and photos. Install OS X on external Hard Disk Drive. I upgraded to Snow Leopard and now it is doing it again. And i want to do it while the hard drive is in the laptop and is working? I already know I'm not supposed to pick 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled because I believe that is to use it as a boot drive. Once downloaded, go to Application Folder in Finder, copy it and paste in another folder. I was wondering if it was possible to Not format drive my Hard drive, Partition it, And then format the 2nd partition to Mac, and use it for time machine. The old HDD works fine but is running out of space. Anyways, I formatted it to MS-DOS (FAT) so I can use on mac and/or windows. Anyway, I took it to the genius bar and they confirmed its death, and showed me how to replace. MacBook Pro : hard Formatting My Hard Drive And Installing Leopard? Now with my new MBP, I want to back up data, and I am having no luck. . How can I do this? I will use this drive mostly for large data files, but perhaps also for less important programs. I was wondering if there was a way of formatting the hard drive and not reinstalling OS X straight away, but if someone inserts the disc when booting it up they can reinstall. MacBook Pro : Securely Format My Hard Drive Without An Installation Cd? OS X : Recovering Files After Formatting Hard Drive. Anyways the computer worked good till the other day.

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Mac OS Extendedapos, jun 9, please take backup if macbook new hard drive install os x possible, or can is there a faster route of doing this. The external HD is Mac OS X" Free Spaceapos, it shows macbook new hard drive install os x me that I have only 420GB and it shows only my Macintosh. T show that I have partitioned hard drive. Journaled what would I need to format it to for Vista to read.

Learn how to use macOS Recovery to reinstall the Mac operating system on your built-in drive or an external drive.To start up from macOS Recovery, turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold one of the following combinations on your keyboard.I am from India and have bought my macbook pro around 1 and a half year w my hard disk crashed and bought a new how would i install os x on it without old HDD is not working and i have downloaded.

S hard drive, microsofts misleading statement about MacBook Pro. I Know I need to start up from the CD drive to format the disk. This situation may also occur if you forget the password. Still stuck at any step, format a Password protectedlocked Hard Disk Drive SSD Except EFI. I decided to go ahead and do so on my own. Copy and paste the OS X file. View 3 macbook new hard drive install os x Replies View Related Jun. T want to take this computer in and pay a service company to get me straight. OS X, you may also like to read 2012 How I synchronize again devices after formating harddrive. I donapos, blinking with something else on the 1st screen that came.

Don't have original installation DVD so used legally acquired Mac OSX.I wasn't sure how exactly to "wipe" my old hard drive on Mac.Sometimes you buy a used MacBook and realize you cant reinstall OS X orĀ format it because the hard disk drive asks for the password when you try to boot in recovery mode.

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Now go the partition of the external hard drive where you put OS X setup file, click on it to install and select MacBooks internal Hard Disk Drive.