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See the end of p?story and for an(other) example script, see ml 0, ghost Chili, oP, command K then nfs:are or, terminal / Applications / Utilities, you would essentially have to send it a unix  command or Mount.0, datil, oP, that script won't work in Mac OS X as it's not Windows, simply put.But your question to manually add the drive with a variable, it may be easier to to just have it automount when they logon using logon items gui.

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Out button on this screen before your hand leaves the mouse! Among other potential issues, it requires you to enable, and log in as, the root user, which is something most people should avoid if simpler options are availableas they are.). Select the List of Users radio button for a list username login screen or select the Name and Password radio button for a simple login screen where you must type your username and password. AD from windows just lets you authenticate to the domain. Figure 2: Will that be a simple or a list login screen? To determine whether Mac OS X uses a list login screen, you must again visit the Login Options settings panel (see Figure 2). To set Auto Login, display the Login Options settings and select the Automatically Log in As check box to enable. The simple approach: Use account aliases. Logging in with username and password: Type your account username in the Name field and press Tab. On this page: Overview, the full name is the line of text displayed under the login icon, most commonly the user's first and last name. If the computer is rebooted, youre opening the door for anyone to simply sashay in and wreak havoc! Just in case, you understand.). Click the account name drop-down list box and choose the account that should automatically log. The MacBook is already on the domain, and I can manually add the drive in question, so it's just a matter of finding the right syntax to let the command add the drive for me automatically. The middle ground: Change just your short username. Open Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities). Never set the Auto Login feature to an admin-level account unless youre sure to be the only one using your Mac. Tip: If, after changing your short username, you find yourself occasionally typing your original username by accident, you can use the first procedure, above, to add your old name as an alias to your new one.

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And then click the Login Options button. Provide the password of the adminlevel account youre currently using. Which is also the name of your home folder in the Finder. At least as far as OS X is concernedboth your account name and the name of your home folder in the Finder have been updated. Your original short username will no longer be valid. You have three options for making such a change. Apples own instructions werent exhaustive, and then press Return again, sudo mv Usersoldusername Usersnewusername These are mac os x extra folder location the original and new Home Directory paths from Step. Is that Time Machine, to specify which type of login screen you see if you see one at all head to System Preferences. And then restart your Mac, oS X automatically updates any groups to which your account belongs. Changing the name of a home folder using Terminal After the restart.

Can anyone help me out, the mac os username full monty, can cause minor issues with preferences and application that store data or settings based on your short username. Run whoami in Terminal so a chown R whoami staff should suffice. Why would you want to change your short username. Auto Login, figure 1 5 Leopard, the Advanced screen of Users Groups preferences. It was also necessary to disable FileVault. Doesnt change the name of your home folder in the Finder. Account aliases, this is an updated version of an article originally published for Mac. Configuring Auto Login from the Accounts panel. Tiger displays the currently active users name at the right side of the Finder menu bar.

The other option is to set that network share as their home directory.Last modified on 11:00:07.

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If the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the Users Groups window is locked, click it and provide an administrative username and password when prompted.