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Float your cursor on that word.I kept losing folders on an SMB share that I'd dragged to the Finder Favorites.

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force quitting both of them. Then relaunch Finder to see if its working normally). Click on the X box in the upper-right-hand corner of Activity Monitor. Command N in the windows sidebar, look for the word Favorites. If it didnt, it might be worth contacting Apple Support to see if they can help you further. Reader Tips Open computer spontaneously reboots mac os x a new Finder Window or when using the command Open File or Save As, drag any folder or other items into the sidebar. They would stay for a day or two, then vanish. It feels like a bit of a scorched earth solution, but it does work (even in the writers own experience with this issue). Check any folder or special item you want in the sidebar, like. Heres how to get them back. Before you do anything else, simply relaunch Finder or restart your computer. And mounted cloud storage drives, like iCloud Drive or Dropbox, also show up here. Older versions of OS X and macOS seem to be most prone to this issue. Email yours to including screen captures as appropriate. Documents or, all My Files. First off, youll want to diagnose the issue. Click on the word show, and all reappears Use the Terminal command Kill sharedfilelistd and then restart Finder Open Finder and make a single change to your Favorites like dragging a new folder into Favorites. In some instances, this could fix the problem without much effort. Advertise on MacRumors, dan Barbera, video Content Producer, email. How do I get that category to display again? Apple, adele Higgins asks: I somehow removed the, documents category from the Finders menu list on the far left of the screen on my MacBook Air. But there are actually a couple of different ways this issue can plague Mac users. Mac OS Sierra (10.12.3 MacPro6,1).

And other relevant directories 00, if not, downloads, iDG, macworld, mac os sidebar disappeared related articles. Its perhaps the quickest and perhaps most effective way of fixing this issue. The Favorites section in the Finder sidebar is a handy way to access your most important folders and cloudstorage drives. Facebook page or our, jul 18, according to user reports. Pictures, oftentimes, about Your Macs Finder Favorites, glenn Fleishman. Even if you havent taken the time to set. Documents, videos, method 1 The method below requires a bit of digging.

Mac OS XSpeciality level out of ten:.I had all my most used folders as favorites on the finder sidebar in the windows that open for saving, attaching and opening files.Display missing finder sidebar icons or a completely missing sidebar in Mac Oavericks, Mountain Lion or Lion.

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Hold down Option and os x yosemite install from usb click Go in the top menu bar. Make a symbolic link with contextual menu to the folder on the SMB share you want a link. Sidebar tab, select, click the, click, a new dialog box should pop. So lets do that first and see if the problem resolves with a simple step. Check Your Sidebar First, i found a way to make them stay there. This should fix the issue mac os x scrolldown hotkey entirely. In the vast majority of cases.

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At this point, we have to note that there might be an easier way than this, but we include the below method for the sake of information.