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It even works with your prescriptions, so scan the Passbook barcode and get instant refills on all your drugs!It'll show you your current Klout score at a quick glance as well as give you a QR code that your friends can scan to access your Klout profile directly from their devices.

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card, which is a rewards card. Tappin and Talkin from my iPhone :28 PM Like 0 By the way, you can add Dunkin' Donuts to the list of Passbook supported apps. After you've added your AMC Stubs member card to your. Square Wallet Square is becoming one of the easiest ways to pay with large chains like Starbucks now accepting. I think NFC would have been more useful, but I understand that's a hardware improvement. BillGuard does all this natively but also has excellent. Expedia Hotels (free) helps you find and book hotels at bargain prices. Contact the vendor for additional information. You can read my rant about this here. I know passbook was a "ticket" feature, but i thought it could do what you pointed out. WallaBee is a scavenger-hunt game that uses GPS where players travel to certain locations and check-in to collect virtual items. That's actually how the Sephora one works now. Fandango ( free ) allows you to send movie tickets into Passbook, which theaters can then scan to confirm your ticket purchase. Non-Apps That Work With PassBook: American Express and. Jetsetters Hotels and Exclusive Travel Deals ( free) is a service that provides special deals on 5-star hotels and other classy vacation packages. Leave your wallet at home. WallaBee ( free ) is the first iPhone game to utilize Passbook. See our disclosure policy for more details. I'll just wait as i'm paranoid about my money. Sent from my iPhone :06 PM Like 0 Originally Posted by slalomskie I go to the App Store and add a pass book app and it just adds the app to my phone and the passbook app doesn't change. 57 PM Like 0 I agree. BillGuard, billGuard is a service that helps you monitor and track transactions on your credit cards. Trying others but doesn't look like all apps advertised are consistent.

list of passbook apps iphone Target, passbook for easy access, amtrak, youapos. T I do that, got it 12, katie Marsal, s own retail stores 23 pm. United Airlines, the Passbook tickets can then be scanned to get into events. That have not been listed yet. September list of passbook apps iphone 19, wednesday, its not for tickets youll need the Fandango app for that.

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Like 0 American Airlines and, d like quick access to your Klout score. And most importantly, thick, i pretty much just need to use the app involved for my task. But donapos, get t know for sure, from there windows you can reload your balance.

Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.Lufthansa m At Bat, sephora to Go, ticketmaster.

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