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Simply ensure that both your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on for both devices and then select the photos from your camera roll that you wish to transfer.If you want to choose the destination folder, click More Options.To transfer all photos, check.

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photos, select. Photos and, app Photos. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and navigate to the Photos app. It is designed to work hand in hand with your OneDrive account. Before we proceed, plug in your iPhone to your PC and unlock your phone first. The 7 Best iPhone Photography Apps. Google Drive Similar to Dropbox is Google Drive, which functions almost exactly the same as Dropbox. Below are a just a few options to consider. Another advantage of PhotoSync is that if you share photos from a specific folder on your phone, it copies them to a similarly named folder on your computer, which helps to keep your photos well organized. The basic (free) account offers 2GB of storage, although additional free storage can be had if you set up messenger various linking and other options. . Photos, albums, assistant, sharing Photo books Photos App downloads Back up a lifetime download of photos Backup and Sync Automatically back up photos from your Mac or PC, connected cameras and SD cards macOS.9 For mobile devices Get the Google Photos app to back. If you dont have one, dont worry. If you sync/backup your iPhone with iTunes by plugging your phone into your computer, then you are likely already backing your photos up to your computer this way. Video Guide: How to Backup Photos from iPhone to PC. It also allows you to free up space on your phone if you find that your available storage is starting to wane. . This way, youll have an easier time looking for ter doing so, you can proceed with the steps below. First, well consider options for backing up your photos locally to your computer and/or a separate external hard drive. To enable Bluetooth on your phone, scroll up to open the Control Center and hit the Bluetooth icon. You dont have to do this though (although it can be more convenient) as you can simply log into your Dropbox account from any web browser on any device. Unlike AirDrop, which only works between iOS and Apple devices, PhotoSync is also available for Windows computers and Android devices thereby giving you even more options for sharing your photos across devices. So get backing up your images now, and then you can enjoy getting on with shooting more great iPhone photos, safe in the knowledge that your older pictures are securely stored on your computer or in the cloud. PhotoSync works very much like AirDrop in that you simply select the photos you want to share (from within the PhotoSync app itself tap the Share button (red circle in the upper-right corner then select the destination you want to share. Select iOS Data Backup Restore to proceed. The software also supports messages, contacts, audio, WhatsApp messages, Safari bookmarks, and notes. Just like with photo editing, theres no right way to back up your iPhone photos.

This automatically moves your backup to another device without having to manually backup files. Which looks like a square with an upwards arrow. Use backup AutoPlay, if its not, dropbox app for iOS is very straightforward and easy to use too. ITunes Backup, the other option is to back them up to cloud storage over WiFi. Option 1, once your iPhone is connected to the computer. I would have a copy of all my photos and I could share them easily with my family and friends. Select Import all new items now. You simply transfer your files to the cloud over the internet. That way, the first option to consider is simply backing up your photos to your computer. Wait for the AutoPlay window to appear.

Windows, thankfully, but you will then see the logmein client mac os names of any available devices appear in that same part photo slideshow with music app download iphone of the screen. Of course, back up iPhone photos using your Windows. Click on it once it appears.

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