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The app shares the users present location with the contacts that are already fed in the mobile application.The contacts will get alert messages every two minutes.

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offers Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions, Family Locator may not be perfect, but when it works it can give you some peace of mind. BSafe is a free app and all of it's basic features are free as before. The exceptional features include 911 and call 911 and friends option. Well take a look at some of the popular apps that are tailored to meet security needs of the iDevice. Hence, the apps listed below provide that extra functionality that is supposed to be built-in by default, in a perfect world. Share your experience in the comments below and dont forget to follow PocketMeta on social networks for more apps and games roundups, guides and reviews! The app serves as the best safety application when users are out. Keep your device handy, so that when or if an emergency occurs, you can quickly tap the screen for a second. The users can send an alert message to the circle members with a single tap only. The free app lets you save as many videos as you like provided your storage allows. The app gets updates often, and some of them might break a feature, but it also means the developers are quick to respond and release fixes. It comes with contact backup feature to let you restore contacts across your mobile devices. . Over time, Family Locator has proved to be functional, and its one of the few apps that mostly works for free and lets you track even the cell phones. It includes all the essential specifications of the app including emergency contact number, GPS tracking, safest route and more.

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Right, the app sends a group alert and lets family and preselected contacts walk virtually with you. IPad, keep scrolling to see eight of the best. That require the users to press a specific button which may not become possible at the time of emergency. Download upgrade our app and stay connected with us via Facebook. Unlike other applications, and Google Plus to read more such stories.

Alert 360 Alert 360 allows you to monitor and control your home office from anywhere in the world.Note: it does not dial 911.A blind dates savior, beSafe has a fake call feature, so you dont need to ask your friends to call you in five and say a meteor fell in your backyard.

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Developer: geavi Tech Download from Google Play Price: free, or premium 2-8 Geavi takes a different approach to collecting proof and sending out panic messages.