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Once you install it, you will not experience the following.TetherNoJailbreak app bypasses the stock tethering limitations of your iPhone for free.

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iOS 10-11 firmware, cydia Impactor, a computer running Windows, macOS or Linux. This is where TetherNoJailbreak comes. Table of Contents, what is TetherNoJailbreak? Apart from that, you can use it only on laptops or computers that are able to configure socks proxy or with other Apple devices. Step 8 Launch Tethering app on your Apple device. Your iPhone is now ready for hotspot tethering. Colorful drawing app hides a secret: a hidden tethering mode (Update: removed from App Store). Step 3, download the IPA file using the link above. The app has been removed from the App Store. Set up Personal Hotspot, connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Usually, carriers provide tethering to their users but at an added cost, which can be a bit expensive. In my case, the IP address was. This step is essential because TetherNoJailbreak works only for devices that can configure socks proxies. For more iPhone tutorials and tricks, give us a like on Facebook and Twitter. Step 7, go to, settings Wi-Fi and connect your iPhone to the ad-hoc Wifi network you created in the previous step. Step 20 Enter the IP address and the port number from Step 10 in the socks proxy field. This is a non-issue if you install the TetherNoJailbreak app on your Apple smartphone. Step 19 Go to Proxies tab and select socks proxy. Speeds depend on your actual iPhones carrier data connection. Setup process (video) Written info below. Create an ad-hoc Wifi network on your computer or laptop. Step 13 Enter the IP address value you copied in step 10 into the IP Address field. Results may vary, but we have independently verified with one iPhone that the apps hidden tethering feature works. . Enter your Apple ID credentials once it prompts you to. Just make sure battery booster app for iphone 5 that you leave the TetherNoJailbreak app open on your device so that tethering remains functional. However, your iPhone must have a jailbreak in order to use them. In the TCP/IP section, enter the first 3 numbers of the aforementioned IP address in the IPv4 address field.

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Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop. Step 18 Enter the same IP address in the DNS field as well. Learn more, thats build all theres to it, these limits exist even for users that have purchased the unlimited plan.

Thankfully, today there are special apps that make tethering almost free (for iPhone ) or completely free (for Android).Of course, only you are responsible for downloading these apps, it is your choice to do it or not, but this is a nice way to save up some money.

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Paying extra money to remove hotspot limitations. Carrierspecific hotspot limitations, step 16 Enter as your Subnet Mask. Laptop Configuration Step 15 Go back to your computerlaptop and access your network preferences. Download TetherNoJailbreak, apple will likely remove this apps for iphone buzzfeed app as soon as possible.

Step 5, wait for the installation to complete.Bluetooth, disconnect devices, set or change your Wi-Fi password.Step 17 Enter the exact IP address that the app displays in the Router field.

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Yet another iOS app developer has managed to sneak an app to unlock iPhone Internet Tethering into the App Store.