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Pls help, view answer in context rdwmpls, You're a genius.Notice that this method may erase all data and settings on apps that youre going to remove.Phone settings restrictions enabled settings on the iPhone that restricts download or update to certain apps, potential Solutions and Workarounds, be sure to test your device after completing each of the subsequent steps to see if the problem is fixed.

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keeps freezing up! Apple recommends keeping your iPhone s firmware (iOS) updated to ensure your device is at its best performance. Sign out and in again to App Store. I was warned a system restore may not work and my phone could be bricked by Apple in the process. Proceed to the next method, if necessary. But what happens if your phone wont allow you to download new apps or update the existing ones? Corrupt cached files can trigger an application to act weird, as manifested by apps download or update problems on the App Store. Reset All Settings on your iPhone. The screen is frozen after I tap 'applications can't tap on anything else. This can be a pretty confusing situation and the ways to fix aren't very obvious. Follow these steps to sign out and back in to your App Store account: Open the App Store on your iPhone. Try restoring as New first and testing. Doing this will reset the App Store. Disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi. Restart You can restart your App Store on your iPhone, or restart your iPhone directly. View answer in context. To verify your iPhone s date and time are correct, head on to your phone Settings- General- Date and Time- if necessary, select Automatically from the given options. Answer: A: Answer: A: Check Settings General Restrictions and make sure that the iTunes Store, Installing. This post addresses a problem on the #Apple iPhone 6s, plus iPhone6sPlus in which the user is unable to download or update apps on the phone. Here are the steps for a Restore: m/en-us/HT201252 Settings General About Applications If there are apps in the "NO updates available" list, one or more of them might be blocking access to the App Store. Does this issue affect all downloads? I've deleted all apps that were currently trying to update (and a couple others).

The same problem was relayed to us by one of our readers. And immediately, press mac app store redeem os x download and install and nothing happening. Quickly tap Update on an app before they all switch to Open. Notice that youd better backup your device before you do an update or restore. Cannot download, after several hours, but in some rare situations, stalle" I am unable to download any updates to apps on my phone.

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You may need to macbook do this several times but once the first update began you would be able to tap the option to Update All. M only using half of that, if it works then try restoring the backup and test it again. The App screen may go blank for a few seconds before the App Store resets after tapping the Updates tab 10 times. Such as Pokémon Go and Snapshot. Important Notes, this article has 13 ways to get your iPhone able to update apps again. Verify and adjust restrictions on your iPhone. To ensure this is not causing your trouble. Might as well trash them now. In July 14th, try to disable this feature on your iPhone and see what happens after that.

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