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Trying to reinstall OS X through a flakey or slow internet connection is not recommended, unless you were to use a bootable install drive or something similar where downloading reinstallation components is not necessary.After the chime press and hold down the "C" key.

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install of OS X, which is performed by erasing a Mac drive and then starting fresh with a new clean installation of the Mac OS X system software. Select the target hard drive to re-install OS X onto (typically Macintosh HD but varies per user) if the Mac has a FileVault password set choose to Unlock and enter the FileVault encryption password before proceeding further. Regardless of what Mac or Mac OS version you are trying this with, always backup the computer beforehand. In these circumstances, sometimes the only solution to get things working again is to reinstall OS X system software (or, if you have a recent safe backup made, restoring from Time Machine is often valid as well). If performed correctly as described, applications and user data will be preserved and not be modified at all, since this approach only reinstalls the operating system and system files. This works to reinstall OS X exactly as described, I had to run through this process recently when I encountered probably the worst and most bizarre bugs Ive ever seen in OS X, where Macintosh HD became stuck in the Trash can and actually started. Though wed all rather everything works as intended with our Macs, occasionally something goes really haywire and OS X becomes either royally messed up or unusable. Boot the computer using the Snow Leopard Installer Disc or the Disc 1 that came with your computer. If interested you can read how for macOS Mojave and, high Sierra and Sierra. At the black screen with an Apple logo, youll see a progress bar indicating how much time is left to complete the reinstallation of Mac OS X, this is typically somewhere in the realm of an hour, just let the Mac sit and finish. Its a good idea to back up the Mac with Time Machine before beginning this process. Well cover how to reinstall Mac OS X system software only with Recovery Mode, this reinstalls the most recently available version of OS X that is (or was) actively running on the Mac. Press J to jump to the feed. Youll also want to set aside at least an hour or two to complete this process, the exact time it takes depends on the speed of the internet connection in use, and the speed of the Mac. Clean Install of Snow Leopard, be sure you have backed up your files because the following procedure will remove everything from the hard drive. Edit: if the mac shipped how to reinstall os x on imac reddit with. OS, x lion (10.7) onwards then booting up with command option R (not command R, that is different) will install the. OS without requiring an appleID. If the mac shipped with snow leopard (10.6) or earlier, you need the original restore dvd s to do it without an appleID. We are reddit s community of Mac users, enthusiasts, and experts.

When quark the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. You may encounter a user login screen upon first reboot. And sign what the Mac is currently running.

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The Setup Assistant will guide them through the setup process. Install macOS, the Recovery drive will now download additional components necessary to reinstall OS X on the target volume. Let this process complete and the Mac will automatically reboot itself when done. After you finish Setup Assistant will complete the installation after which you will be running a fresh install. As long as you didnt erase the drive or delete any user accounts yourself. Options button and select guid, you can also read how to reinstall only macOS how to reinstall os x on imac reddit Mojave while leaving user files alone and for reinstalling MacOS High Sierra and Sierra in the same way too. While this article describes this system reinstall process with OS X versions specifically.

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Newer MacOS releases also support the ability to re-install only macOS while leaving user files alone, however.