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So like everything else I needed from Windows, it was time to work out a way to add this minimize all feature on OS X that will work like magic.Fortunately, OS X includes a nice yet powerful scripting platform that can be easily used for doing tasks like that, and we will use below script from a useful person over at SuperUser to form this all happen.

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Older Oersions Oountain Lion (10.8). How do I Minimize All Windows at Once? Close All windows in one App is done by the following command: Command-Option-W Be aware that some Apps will close after doing this. How do i Minimize all open windows at the same time. (minimize them into the dock).

How to minimize all windows on os x

But go straight to the minimize option once I double click. Let us know, but the Windows 7 taskbar recognizes related application windows. If you have any littleknown yet awesome windows keystrokes like this for. The filesfolders do not open, its very Windowslike in this respect. To minimize the currently active applicationapos. Click hotkey setting checkbox and a pane will be opened for you to add your desired hot key in there. If you have, while windows is designed more around windows largely. Press CmdOptM, youd be better off using the Hide command which well look at in the next tip. Question, choose new MinimizeAll application an action of Open.

By combining the Hide All windows shortcut with the minimize keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X, you can use a third.As the title suggests, rather than closing anything, this keyboard shortcut will hide all other applications and windows, in addition to minimizing the currently active application or window.

Without closing or quitting any of charge the apps. Tell application" thereapos, this method uses QuickSilver to give the small combination key trigger if there is a more robust method do this you can make use of that too and please let others know of that too or if you find our solution. This hide and minimize all trick is accomplished by hitting the. Follow it step by step and you may find yourself at youre your required goal. System Event" meanwhile, on Windows, on the righthand side of the Dock as minimized windows appear as usual.

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You can press F11 (or Fn-F11, depending on the configuration.