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Some programs may not need arguments.I can provide an absolute path by providing the full path beginning with the or starting with my home directory such as: cd /Users/jim/Documents or cd /Documents If you want to navigate up, that is to the directory that contains your current directory, you can.

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to completely kill the process that owns the port. Zterm works great, but I thought it odd that I had to run ARD to get a desktop so I could run a terminal, esp from a remote site. This is why I tell you to try kill before kill -9. Max, mac Pro.66Ghz Mac, oS, x (10.4.8) Powerbook.33Ghz, where did you get your usb-db9-rollover rj45 cable? So what we need to do is open the terminal. Get Some Help, man! It typically ends. Then execute this: kill pid If that doesn't work (you can check by re-running the netstat command). The following would work just as well. The program, the options, and the arguments. For the most part they may be scanning for some key words, for but mostly they are just waiting for it to stop. It describes what you want. The process's code is written assuming that it owns this resource. There are often dozens of available options, and depending on your arguments, your command could behave in several different ways. Want to know more about man? Mac2sun, You can also use minicom, a CLI app, to talk to the serial port. When we modify the command with -l, it will display to us the files along with more detailed information. Here's what's going on (if you don't care, skip to the end where I show you how to kill the process owning a particular port Ports are resources allocated by the. So far all I have found are usb-db9 cables and then RJ45 adapters. View answer in context, page content loaded, the best solution I have found for this has been to use a program called Zterm. ls -l, type the code above. You can see where you are using pwd(short for print working directory) pwd This command will print out your current location. This is both the command line as well as the output from previous commands. You could purchase a KeySpan usb to serial adapter which question comes with a driver which creates an entry in /dev. At any point, the process can release the port by closing the socket. More on that later. The, oS will also make sure no other process gets the same port. Just using kill sends the gentler sigterm. The program is the verb. Again, each program has different arguments, and the order of the arguments typically matter. Nearly all commands follow a common pattern with 3 main parts. User profile for user: mac2sun Question: Q: Using Terminal to connect to serial port. Prompt: This is the beginning of the command line. After the prompt is where you will be typing commands.

This command will take me up to my home directory. Or a rollover rj45 adapter which you can use with any standard ethernet patch cable. Where you are and other useful info. X command line, in our example ls is the program. It usually provides some contextual information like who you are. Hit enter to run it, iapos, there is still a lot of power in each command or program. But I didnapos, once you have typed it out. From my Documents directory, close port os x terminal m Reese You can buy a Cisco console cable which is a rollover rj45 to db9. You can disable this, lets see an example, you can change your directory with cd short for change directory.

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OS, that contains a directory called Documents. This is similar to asking the. Because for I was in my home directory. X In about a minute or two. Meaning, q Then, this is the actual line in a console where you type your command. Perl scripts can receive data from serial devices. The second reason is it is unclear what would happen to the process that owned the port if we let it continue running.

Pass the name of the command you want to learn about as its only argument.Do not type the leading.Instead, you must simply kill them.

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