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Engine: Apples proprietary WebKit, license: lgpl, download link: Included in OS.Alongside a good amount of extensions available (though nothing comparable with Chrome you also get built-in Flash support, which makes it a viable choice particularly for OS X where the native Safari simply abandons the protocol.To put things in perspective, an hour-long Google Hangout in Safari with video drains approximately 20 of your battery while keeping the core temperature pretty stable.

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browsers that I tried. The browser itself works fine, but youll feel the outdated-ness almost everywhere. Akin to its mobile counterpart, Safari for OS X also comes with a Reader view that removed clutter from web pages and keeps only relevant content for easy reading. Over the years, Apple has heavily optimized its browser to work best within its own ecosystem, and while its hard to recommend Safari as the top choice for Windows, there is nothing better for Macs. Safari, this one would hardly come as a surprise, but beyond doubt, the native Safari is the overall best browser for. Gestures allow you to quickly perform actions like refresh, previous tab, next tab etc, using mouse or trackpad. However, even on a Mac, there are a number of other browser choices available that you can employ should you wish for a different experience, or have a need that is not catered to by Safari (more on that later). The additional ability to sign store into Chrome with your one Google account across various platforms makes using Chrome a breeze. It also comes with decent bookmark management, and the Reading List allows you to save web pages for offline viewing. OmniWeb OmniWeb is hard to recommend for anyone unless youre using Oountain Lion or older, where it actually works well. Today, Opera doesnt bring anything new to the table, but it does the job and does it well. One standout feature for Opera is a built-in RSS reader of sorts, which allows you to keep abreast with latest happenings in topics of your interest. Drop us a comment below. Likewise, the cloud sharing makes it possible to share all of this with friends as well. In the long run, that might seriously damage your hardware, so be warned. Just dont do too much media consumption on this browser, or youll kill your battery faster than you can say battery itself. Before I praise Chrome for anything, allow me to clarify that it really kills your battery on a Macbook, and thats one of its biggest pitfalls. The browser carries the reliable name of the Omni Group behind it, but the project was discontinued and hence, will not work well with Mavericks or El Capitan. Oh, and Safari also doesnt support Flash, so if you frequent web pages that require the outdated medium, look elsewhere.

The thing that truly sets Maxthon apart from is its cloud service. Safaris page rendering is blazing fast. New tabs get laid out neatly at the bottom of the page.

Windows, Mac oS, x ).Macs differ here significantly, thanks to the default.OS, x is the upgraded version of, mac.

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A classic version is available via the official website is mac os compatible with my pc as well. With Firefox barely topping Chrome in only batteryfriendliness. Should App Store not work for you for some reason. If pure browsing is what youre after. In fact, seeing as how the number of available extensions doesnt come close to Chromes extensions of Firefoxs addons.

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Another stellar feature of Maxthon is unique drag drop and gesture support, whereby, for instance, you can select a word or phrase and drag it to the URL bar to initiate a quick search in your default search engine.