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Loud or soothing alerts, cadence beeps, coordinate music with intervals.I even set up a prompt at the beginning and end reminding me to start and stop my Garmin recording!I am very happy with this app and would buy it again.

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no endless cycling between timers, for example but broadly speaking this is an efficient, usable app thats pleasing on the eye. Elsewhere, Timeglass has useful settings to explore: you can stop your iPhone auto-locking, the app can worn of low volume, and there are several color schemes (including a high contrast one in case you dislike the default. Added preparation interval to Apple Watch. Lite / Pro differences: 1 timer / 5 timers 5 repeats / 99 repeats 15 alert sounds / 40 alert sounds. Runs in the background, supports iOS.3 and above, mORE texting information. Timers can have individual colors, icons, and sounds assigned. Pragmatism shows with large easy to read displays that can be stopped/started/reset/repeated with easy pushes - nothing fiddly. For apple users: if you want to be able to share the app with family, do this: dont upgrade the app in response to the ads. You can also swipe inwards in the Time section when editing to access a days column for lengthier timers perhaps to remind you of how long it is to an upcoming event, when your iPhones in a dock. Repeat timer cycles up to 5 times (up to 99 when you unlock Pro). Should you want to focus on a single timer, you can tap the circular button at the top-left of the screen, and then swipe between much larger zoomed-in timers. You swipe, pinch, drag and tap to delete, add, move and select items. Although other apps in this round-up have some capacity to set up this kind of timer (notably 30/30 Focus Keeper is entirely focussed on this methodology. Dkorz, Great for repeated short workouts I have been using this app for over a year. Oct 18, 2018, version.2.0, a few minor updates to make the app run flawlessly for you mainly the ability to disable alerts and compatibility with the new iPhones Enjoy!

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And then assigning times for each of them. Each week we have a new short strength workout with 4 exercises that I need to do for a minute each. Doing so ignores the real power behind 3030. Egg, open the app and you can use. Stopwatch or Timer to access countup and countdown timers. They will then be able to import your timer into their app. Get the app and join them to stay on track with your routines. Information More By This Developer music HeavySet Gym Log Workout Health Fitness Seconds Pro Interval Timer Health Fitness Stretch A removal countdown timer for fitness. Respectively, although you can set up a single timer and let it rip.

The very best iPhone apps for exercise routines, Pomodoro timers, or just ensuring.And your iPhone s Clock app of course comes with a couple of relevant options built.

And timer records, each of which can be best tapped to start or stop. The single pro upgrade unlocks multiple workspaces. This product is a one trick pony. Large clear display cisco AND colour coding. It has been well worth the small investment. An entirely free and very focussed workrest cycle timer. And your daily focus goal, it kills your tree and gives you a virtual stick. These are timesavers, in you not having to create the alarms yourself. Tabata and circuit workouts, more colors, along with the number of sessions per round. Itll display six predefined timers, pomodorostyle cycling timers, alternatively.

Information More By This Developer Zoo Sounds Safe Toddler Fun Games Repeat Timer Pro Utilities You May Also Like Countdown: Simple Timer Utilities Chime Utilities MultiTimer: Multiple timers Utilities Periodic Timer Utilities Timer Utilities Timeglass timer stopwatch Utilities.The options Apple provides are fine, but if you want something more, youll need to grab a third-party app.I do a variety of circuit training and hiit workouts and enjoy making up my own routines.

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I wont repeat the great features here, read the other reviews.